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Carne Meats Veal Tartufo Salami

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Carne Meats Veal Tartufo Salami

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400-500g per piece

  • Method of Cooking: Ready to eat

  • Storage: Keep chilled. Best consumed within 2 days after opening or until the expiry date, whichever sooner.

The Carne Meats butchery and charcuterie range of products are handcrafted works of art,
painstakingly prepared and exquisite in taste. We take pride in the fact that our wide variety of butchery and charcuterie products are made from the freshest quality ingredients, selected daily by our team who ensures our products satisfy and
exceed the expectations of our discerning customers.

We guarantee superior freshness, quality and flavor by sticking to one simple rule – all our products are made from 100% natural meats, no amount of protein fillers, artificial colors or flavorings are added.

And the difference, we are proud to say, is in the Taste.

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