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Carne Meats Smoked Duck Breast

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Carne Meats Smoked Duck Breast

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Approximately 1kg per packet

  • Method of Cooking:Serve either warm or cold

  • : 3 – 4mins (when thawed), 5 – 6 mins (from frozen)

  • Storage:Frozen

Defrost the product overnight to ensure that the product is properly thawed out before cooking for optimum taste.

Our premium value added products are made with the Chef in mind, painstakingly prepared and exquisite in taste. We guarantee superior freshness, quality and flavour by sticking to one simple rule - all our products are made from 100% natural meats, no amount of protein fillers, artificial colours or flavourings are added.

Our tender Carne Meats Duck Breast is lightly cured, cold-smoked and fully cooked, it is rich yet delicate in flavour.
Our product is prepared in a traditional way: all natural seasoning and lightly smoked with real European wood chips. There are no added artificial preservatives or artificial colouring. We have always believed that if we can’t pronounce it, we shouldn’t use it in a recipe.

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