To encourage customer’s loyalty through frequent transaction

To track customer’s purchase history in reference to their profile (required data: age, sex, address, industry)

To support brand/product promotion.


Download the Maxzi mobile app

Complete the required membership field
– Member’s mobile number should be conduit to their account number


Gain 50 points upon registration

Ease of cashless transaction

Save money on special member’s discounts

Instant subscription to give aways

Free shipment :
- to Dubai for every 250 dhs worth of Market order
- to Abu Dhabi for every 300 dhs worth of Market order


Earn 1 Maxzi Coin for every 10 AED transaction via in store, mobile app or website
i.e purchase cost of 84.99 AED, member will earn 8 Maxzi Coins

Maxzi Coins are only valid after 12 months from the date earned; Unused points will be expired

Provide your mobile number to the cash register and present your profile page mobile app

Points accumulated from a Tier purchase will be based on the total discounted price

Members will earn Maxzi Coins with transactions made only by them


Every 10 Maxzi Coin is equivalent to 1 Dirham worth of redemption
e.g. 123 Maxzi Coins = 12 Dhs

Redemption can be used as a cash back from the final bill or to purchase a new item

Upon redemption of Maxzi Coin, the corresponding number of coins earned for that reward will be deducted from the member's account.

Redemptions can only be done via single member’s account; it is not possible to combine multiple accounts balances for a redemption


Membership is valid to redeem benefits with a tier by presenting the mobile application from your phone with account details provided

Benefits can be availed once a day only

Tier benefit is not valid in conjunction with any other offer or benefits

Terms and Conditions are subject to change without prior notice