Foreword by Helene Raudaschl

Welcome to Maxzi The Good Food Shop, we are your friendly online community food store.

Our desire to give the best of food to the community is what motivated me to introduce the brand. Maxzi The Good Food Shop is an online store in the UAE, bringing Affordable Healthy Good Food Closer to you. The brand was created with a simple philosophy to provide only the best. Our aim is nothing short of providing the best food available in terms of quality, wholesome yet affordable to the community.

Our house brands are Carne Meats, Masterpiece and Ocean Gems along with some other interesting ingredients that are not commonly found in the supermarkets.


Carne Meats Carne Meats are premium sausages, patties and small goods which are handcrafted works of art, meticulously prepared and are flavorful in taste. They are made with 100% meat that is free of added hormones and antibiotics, no fillers, artificial colorings or preservatives. These products are not just delicious to eat but allow consumers to have a peace of mind.

Master piece Masterpiece is a range of ready to use dim sums, created of an artisan’s passion, and is a delight with each bite. Similarly, each piece is crafted without the use of MSG, artificial colorings or preservatives. We use only wholesome ingredients in the processes ensuring satisfaction in each and every bite.

Ocean Gems Ocean Gems is premium brand of seafood ingredients that are genuine, real and delicious. Our processes to provide convenient seafood ingredients to you ensures the natural taste and freshness is guaranteed. The products from the house of Maxzi are certainly value for money without comprising in taste, quality and integrity.


We believe food should be simple and honest and that grocery shopping itself should be enjoyable and encourage frequent shopping. We do not consider ourselves a ‘gourmet’ store but rather a local market with carefully selected produce of great food backed up by over 20 years of experience.This includes non-GMO, artfully crafted ingredients, locally grown vegetables, artisanal charcuterie, free of added hormones and antibiotic meat, poultry and seafood from suppliers who subscribe to ethical animal welfare standards, all chosen with deliciousness and nutrition top of mind.

At Maxzi, we only bring to you the best food from around the globe to give you all an amazing authentic eating experience, just a click away.

Happy shopping.
Best Culinary Regards

Helene Raudaschl